Who we are...
Our mission:
To contribute to an efficient conduct of business and/or a comfortable travel planning by combining our extensive (diplomatic) network as well as our knowledge.

Our vision:
In a world, where interests in other countries and contacts with other nations increasingly touch the several aspects of business activity, GVS intends to be a leading solutions provider in the area of immigration rules / regulations and contacts with the diplomatic world. Aspiring to become the most respected company in its branch.

Our values:

  • Quality

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Professionalism

Our promise:
Our promise is: “If it is possible, we will do it”...
This covers our commitment to deliver services that are customer-oriented and that will meet the needs of all our clients, wherever in the world.

Our standards:

  • Customers are absolutely satisfied with the quality of our service

  • The diplomatic world recognizes us as a professional partner

  • Employees develop and use their full potential

  • Colleagues choose to work with us as this generates increased value for both